Reconnect with Nature

I want to help and inspire people to reconnect with nature. I want people to see the beauty of the natural world. I want to help wildlife and wild landscapes gain a place at the forefront of our mind.

I want you to feel the value of every species and the importance of wild habitat. I want to show that a dunnock is no less drab than a goldfinch and that a blowfly is just as fancy as a butterfly.

I want to excite you about and bring you to cherish all of nature’s flora and fauna. I want to take you on a literary walk amongst an abundance of natural wonders, a world where one can relax and unwind, where you can escape from your everyday routine.

How am I doing it?

Published on this website on a regular basis is a short piece of nature writing.

The written works are inspired by the wildlife and landscapes that I encounter while out hiking in and exploring the Lake District National Park in northwest England.

The writing is freely accessible for all who wish to read it.

In addition to the reading material, I provide visual stimulation in the form of photographs of the wildlife and landscapes of the Lake District.

Why Do I Want to Reconnect Poeple with Nature?

Today mankind is more disconnected from nature than it has ever been. As a species, we have lost touch with the natural world, choosing to destroy it rather than cherish it.

It is said that we are in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, and it is fuelled by us.

The more human beings reconnect with nature, the more they value it, the more they revere it, then the more likely we will help and nurture it.

Furthermore, by connecting with, helping and nurturing nature, we are also helping and nurturing ourselves; research suggests that exposure to nature boosts both physical and mental health and wellbeing, which is an important point considering that rates of depression and mental illness are at an all-time high.

The bottom line is: it is now more important than ever for humankind to reconnect with nature.

We need to be aware of our ways. There is more to this life than money and material possessions. We must let go of the consumerist lifestyle and instead opt for a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle that is more in harmony with the natural world.

Let us no longer be a disease, instead, let us contribute to the wellness of this planet, please.