Wainwright Prize Winners

The Wainwright Prize winners are the winners of The Wainwright Golden Beer Book Prize, a prize which celebrates the finest of British nature writing. Wainwright Golden Beer sponsors the award, an award which is given in association with the National Trust.

Each year judges choose the book that they believe best reflects the core values of the well-known Alfred Wainwright, who passed away in 1991.

Wainwright cared enormously about Britain’s countryside, its uplands in particular, an environment with which he had a strong sense of connection and a desire to protect. He is probably most famous for his series of books known as Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells in which he describes, through words and illustrations, the ascents and surroundings of 214 fells in the Lake District National Park.

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Wainwright Prize Winners

Robert Macfarlane’s Underland: A Deep Time Journey won the 2019 Wainwright Book Prize and is the number 1 best seller in Amazon’s ecotourism category.
Inside this book, Macfarlane takes us on a journey beneath the surface of the earth where he allows us to become acquainted with the likes of mycelial networks through which trees communicate, and the icy abyss within glacial moulins.
The Seabird’s Cry by Adam Nicolson won both the 2018 Wainwright Book Prize and the Richard Jefferies Award For Nature Writing 2017.
In The Seabird’s Cry, Nicolson takes into account recent scientific research in his exploration of the lives of seabirds, such as puffins and gannets, on the coasts and islands of Britain, Scandinavia and the Americas.
Where Poppies Blow by John Lewis-Stempel was the 2017 Wainwright Book Prize winner.
In this book, Lewis-Stempel tells us about the British soldiers who took part in WW1 and their relationship with the flora and fauna in their midst.