Jefferies Literary Award 2018 Shortlist

The books below form the 2018 Jefferies Society Literary Award for Nature Writing shortlist, not including the winning title Wilding. For winners of the Jefferies Award please click here.

Each year, judges choose the book that they believe is the most outstanding work of nature writing that is accordant with the works of Richard Jefferies.

Richard Jefferies was noted for his writings about English rural life. His ability to convey the relationship between man and nature was something quite extraordinary.

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Jefferies Literary Award 2018 Shortlist

Not only was Kings of the Yukon by Adam Weymouth shortlisted for the Jefferies Society Award 2018, but it was also the winner of the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award 2018 and was the Lonely Planet Adventure Travel Book of the Year 2019.
In Kings of the Yukon, we follow Weymouth as he canoes along the River Yukon over the course of four months. The river is 2000 miles long and courses through Canada and Alaska to pour into the Bering Sea. Weymouth teaches us about the people who live in the remotenesses alongside the river, people who have depended on the annual king salmon spawning migration, a migration that sees fewer and fewer salmon taking part as their numbers dwindle while the influence of the modern world grows evermore.
In The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, Kate Bradbury tells us how she transforms the backyard of her new home in Brighton from a barren bit of property into a wildlife haven. But being in an urban area, she sees how the neighbouring gardens are cement mines, paved or decked and doused with poison, making Bradbury feel as though she’s fighting a losing battle.
Mark Cocker’s Our Place was not only shortlisted for the 2018 Jefferies Award, but also for the 2019 Wainwright Prize.
Our Place is a provocative piece of nature writing examining the relationship between Britain’s people and Britain’s land. Cocker explores ideas such as why, despite the people’s affection for the countryside, do we live in an environment stripped of its nature? The book is a sobering look at important issues we and Britain’s natural world face at this time.