About Me

Hello there and welcome! I am Jacob McAtear and here I would like to tell you a little more about me.

Born and raised in the small historic market town of Penrith, the fells of the Lake District National Park have always been just a stone-throw away, always visible in the background as I watched garden birds from my bedroom window as a child.

As you can see from this article featuring me in an issue of The Cumberland and Westmorland Herald from 1999, I have been fascinated by wildlife from an early age.

Despite the geographic propinquity, it wasn’t until I had left and returned to the region after studying Animal Behaviour at The University of Sheffield that I started to venture into the national park on a more regular basis, due to the realisation in its absence of just how wonderful the area really is and that, as a teenager, with it always having been there on my doorstep, I had taken it for granted.

After many years of living abroad and travelling in various countries around the world throughout my twenties, there was one thing that kept finding its way to the forefront of my mind: the Lake District. Utopian images of verdant valleys, scintillating lakes and hilly horizons dominated my dreams.

When I returned to live in my hometown, Penrith, in 2018, I hiked all 214 of the Wainwright Fells within the space of a year in commemoration of my grandmother, Mary McAtear, who sadly passed away while I was overseas and who was also very fond of fell-walking.

Now in my early thirties I am more passionate than ever about the Lake District National Park and its wildlife and landscapes, and through my nature writing and photography I want to express that passion and share it with you.